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Discover How To Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills In ONLY 28 Days… With Cutting-Edge “Specialized Workouts”!

An eye-opening article revealing the latest break-through in wrestling-specific strength and conditioning training!

By Steve Preston MSed

Believe it or not, for the first time in history you can actually use “specialization training” to improve any aspect of your wrestling for more wins on the wrestling mat.  And you’ll do it in 28 short days.

Dear Wrestling Friend,

This is Steve Preston of Wrestling Performance and I’m pumped that you found this website because you’re about to learn how wrestlers, JUST LIKE YOU are experiencing the fastest improvements ever in their wrestling performance – every 28 days like clock work – using the exact same system I’m about to tell you about on this page.

Wrestling is a sport that has many challenges both physically and mentally… and only the strong survive in this sport.  You can’t neglect any aspect of your wrestling or you won’t win…

For success in wrestling you need to train:

  • take down defense
  • foot speed and quickness
  • stand ups and escapes
  • pinning combinations
  • take downs
  • situational drills
  • and a ton more…

You train these things day in and day out, for hours and hours… drilling them over and over and over again.  But sometimes that’s not good enough.  Sometimes you still have weaknesses in your wrestling game. There is one problem that we must address right now…

The Problem:  Most Strength Training Programs That Wrestlers Use Slow Them Down And Prevent Them From Improving!
The most common issues I notice with wrestlers is that they are either not strength training at all, are training but not correctly, or they haven’t learned how to specialize. Big mistake. Lifting weights isn’t the answer.  Just lifting weights with no structured plan leads to soreness and slower muscles.

Wrestlers need to train differently than any other athletes in the world

You see, every wrestler is an individual and every individual is different.  That means you may have to work on a particular aspect of your wrestling more than your teammates.  For example, you may have a weakness in your ability to finish your takedowns.  You begin drilling takedowns for hours upon hours.  BUT… if you don’t train the actual muscles used in the takedowns to get stronger and work as a group, you’ll just be going through the motions.

THE SOLUTION: The secret to QUICKLY improving your wrestling technique is to add Specialization Workouts to your technique drills.
It doesn’t matter who you are, or what level wrestler you are… you can quickly improve your wrestling by analyzing (and being honest with yourself) about what your strengths and weaknesses are on the wrestling mat. Then you begin drilling your weaknesses more, and add specialization training.  The result is enhanced wrestling performance inside of 4 weeks flat! Believe me, this stuff works… It’s like you’re “attacking” your weaknesses so they become your strengths.  Within 28 days you actually begin to make your weaknesses your strengths for better mat performances.
Imagine brand new, eye-popping wrestling performance results… every 28 days!
Before I tell you how to add specialization training to your wrestling, here are some unsolicited emails from wrestlers and coaches who have used my programs in the past:
Steve Preston’s presentation on nutrition and strength training concepts was absolutely essential for our wrestling program. He succinctly explained to our audience of coaches, athletes and parents how to best “cut weight,” (if desired) while continuing to maintain and even enhance an individual’s strength. At a time when information on topics of fitness and nutrition are readily abundant via on-line resources, Steve’s knowledge is much different. He blends research-based biological facts, along with time-tested fitness concepts and applies them uniquely to wrestling training and preparation. Steve inherently utilizes his understanding of the human biological system and applies that knowledge directly to the sport of wrestling. He has a keen grasp of metabolic conditioning and understands how to make that connection to realistic wrestling action by devising strength training routines that will transfer over to common wrestling positions and high-percentage wrestling situations. Manheim Township, Wrestling Coach Staff, Lancaster PA
Dear Mr. Preston, My name is Deborah Robinson and I am the Program Director for Greater Gold Wrestling. My friend and our Executive Director, Brandon Slay just sent me your outline on 63 tips for wrestlers. We have found it to be excellent and will be using it for our Greater Gold clubs around the county. As you can imagine, Brandon always gets asked for copies of his Olympic training work-outs and weight management. We don’t feel it is appropriate for most young wrestlers for many reasons…foremost its just too complicated! You have provided us with an excellent addendum to our training curriculum. I also coach at our local high school and gave it out to our team tonight along with a can of liquid meal supplement after practice! Respectfully, Deborah Robinson Program Director Greater Gold Wrestling
“Steve Preston is a great resource for Nutrition and Lifting for wrestlers. Tap into his expertise…” Brandon Slay Olympic Gold Medalist
Steve ‘Your program is great. My wrestlers have been using it for 10 months now and they are stronger than ever.’ My kids have made great improvements since they started 10 months ago. I have 1 kid who was only maxing 115 and now he’s at 185. Another kid has gone from 135 to 210. That’s just 2 examples out of the 10 i had with me for the 10 months. They are stronger, leaner and i hope when the season starts they will be meaner. Buying your program was one of the best things I’ve done. Also the articles you write for Wrestling USA magazine are great. The article about negative only lifting was amazing. It helped the kids overcome that plateau that they hit. I can’t thank you enough. Joe Lewis Union Hill High School
“Steve, this website stands alone! No peers man!”. Kendall Cross – Olympic Gold Medalist — Wrestling
“Steve without a doubt you have helped fine tune my skills, Im one of Team N J s National Coaches on our way out to Fargo, In life Im a real Trainer, my primary Client is Kelly Ripa of Rigis and Kelly, I have used your Tips in Cliinics and reshaped my Wrestlers Physiques and thinking like you would not believe, Job well done!

So how does Specialization Training work and how can you add it to your own wrestling program for amazing results?

It’s simple

1. First, have your coach analyze your strengths and weaknesses.  What is your biggest challenge on the wrestling mat? – Do you need more grip strength? – Do you need more foot speed? – Do you need to build more upper body strength to pin your opponents? – Do you need to increase your power to defeat your opponents? – Do you need to improve your take down defense? – Do you need to finish more of your take down attempts? The list goes on… Just be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

2.  Set aside 3 days per week for your specialization training.  Roughly 45 minutes are needed. It is great to do during the offseason and preseason.

3.  Use priority training.  You add exercises designed to improve your weaknesses quickly for 2 of the 3 workouts.  Let’s say you need more speed on your feet.  You would use great foot speed exercises like the Scramble to Balance drill or Sumo Style Deadlifts in 2 of 3 workouts per week.  You’d then balance the rest of your program with exercises for the rest of your body.

4.  Maintain strength for the rest of your body.  As you prioritize your training to improve your weaknesses on the wrestling mat, be sure to keep your other “wrestling muscles” strong.  (It’s important to keep a balance of strength throughout your body to maximize performance and minimize your injuries) 28 days in total! Research has shown that 28 days (4 weeks) is an optimal amount of time to train any sport-specific workout. Gone are the days of simply training the entire wrestling team with the football team’s workout. Gone are the days of pushups and situps for hours and hours. These “old-school” strength training methods just don’t cut it any more.


The Fastest & Easiest Strength Specialization Solution For Wrestlers In Existence…
Workouts for Wrestlers
How to Turbo-Charge Your Wrestling Skills In ONLY 28 Days!


Workout # 1 –  Grip Strength Specialization Program ($20 value)
If you’ve ever lost a take down attempt because of grip strength or couldn’t finish a move because you lost your grip then this workout is for you. You’ll get a perfectly constructed training program to help you:

  • Develop an iron grip
  • Build the 2 weaknesses in any wrestler’s grip
  • Turn your forearms and hands into vice-grips
  • Finish your take downs
  • Become relentless with ankle picks

Workout # 2 –  Foot Speed Specialization Program ($20 value)

I receive tons of emails and questions every wrestling season about foot speed.  A common mistake many coaches make is to have their wrestlers do “speed drills” instead of building strength and speed into specific muscles. In this foot speed for wrestling program you’ll:

  • Build ankle stability for increased foot speed
  • Increase your ability to move your feet fast on the mat.
  • Speed up your reaction time on the mat.
  • Develop new speed on the mat in 4 weeks.

Workout #3 – Take Down Specialization Workout ($20 value)
Completing a take down in wrestling is a combination of different body parts and many muscles, all working together.  In this specialization program you will develop these muscles groups. The Take Down Specialization Workout will:

  • Develop the lower body and core muscles you need to shoot in fast for a takedown.
  • Build the upper body muscles you need to FINISH a takedown (which so many wrestlers struggle with)
  • Increase take down speed and efficiency within 12 workouts.

Workout # 4:  Escapes/Stand Ups Specialization Workout ($20 value)

Your ability to stand up when wrestling from bottom or escape from bottom are crucial to success in the sport. The Escapes Specialization workout will help you:

  • Build explosive stand ups when wrestling from bottom.
  • Increase the power and speed of your sit-outs and switches.
  • Hit a Granby roll with more success.
  • Escape and earn your points instead of time running out on you.

Workout #5 – Pinning Specialization Workout ($20 value)

Sometimes the difference between getting 6 points for your team or not is your ability to pin your opponents.  If you want to be able to finish more of your matches with pins then this workout is for you. The Pinning Specialization workout will:

  • Build the Anterior Deltoid and Rotator Cuff muscles of your shoulders for more strength to finish off your opponents.
  • Strengthen your upper body to turn your opponents easily.
  • Turn your upper body into chiseled, powerful muscle… and get back points at will.

Workout #6 – Take Down Defense Specialization Workout ($20 value)
Do you need to improve your take down defense?  I remember when Cael Sanderson told me that the very first thing is father taught him was take down defense. The Take Down Defense Specialization workout will:

  • Increase your reaction time to shots by your opponents.
  • Develop lightning fast speed to sprawl and cross-face.
  • Build tremendous shoulder strength to push-away from your opponents.
  • Improve balance to fight off any take down.

Workout #7 – Strength with No Weight Gain Specialization Workout ($20 value)
One of the biggest challenges wrestlers face is trying to get stronger while keeping your body weight down. If that’s you then this workout is for you. The Strength with No Weight Gain Specialization workout will help you:

  • Build “wrestling-specific” strength without adding weight. (always with the right meal plan)
  • Increase the density of your muscles without bulking up.
  • Develop strength like Russian athletes who need to watch their weight.

Workout #8 – Athletic Specialization Workout ($20 value)
Wrestling is a unique sport.  In fact, I’ve seen some darn good wrestlers who weren’t the best athletes… But… if you make yourself more athletic, your wrestling will instantly improve.  This unique workout program will help you:

  • Move more naturally and without thinking on the mat.
  • Decrease injuries by increasing the strength of stabilizing muscles through each joint.
  • Improve functional movement on the wrestling mat.

This program is great to use at least 1 month of every year for ultimate wrestling performances!

Workout #9 – “High Intensity Training” Specialization Workout ($20 value)
High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) goes together with the sport of wrestling like “peanut butter and jelly.” H.I.T. is one of the best ways to increase your wrestling strength FAST! I modified the original H.I.T. for Wrestlers program I created to help you:

  • Build wrestling strength faster than any other program.
  • Increase mat strength without getting too sore.
  • Develop more muscle endurance that prevents burnout.
  • Condition your heart at the same time as your muscles.

Workout #10 – Power Specialization Workout ($20 value)
When you exert force against your opponent and win you are displaying “power.” Power is one of the most important areas to develop in order to wrestle strong and fast at the same time. But developing power is a commonly misunderstood topic with many wrestling coaches. In this 4 week Power Specialization workout you’ll:

  • Build explosive speed on the mat from any position.
  • Out-muscle your opponents.
  • Become impossible to hold down by your opponents.
  • Increase your ability to throw your opponent.

Workout #11 – Gain Weight and Strength Specialization Workout for Wrestlers ($20 value)
Every now and again, wrestlers need to gain weight to move up a weight class.  This is where the Gain Weight and Strength Specialization Workout will help you. With this workout you’ll:

  • Add muscular body weight without losing flexibility.
  • Strengthen and add muscle by packing on mass in your most powerful muscle groups.
  • Develop an optimal strength/size ratio so you are always fast, no matter how much weight you gain.
  • Add 6 solid pounds in 28 days. (Be sure to EAT)

Workout #12 – Advanced Body Weight Workout ($20 value)
No gym?  No problem.  This workout was designed to be done almost anywhere.  Body weight training can be extremely beneficial in the long-term training goals for wrestlers.  But don’t assume it’s easy… this program is very tough! With the Advanced Body Weight Specialization workout for wrestlers you’ll:

  • Build explosive strength.
  • Develop functional strength which is so crucial to mat performance.
  • Decrease injuries by building strength in your stabilizing muscles.
  • Increase your strength/body weight ratio.


The Thrasher – 12 Week Complete Strength Training System for Wrestlers and Fighters!

This is the original Thrasher 12 Week training program that I designed for wrestlers and fighters about 8 years ago.  It has been a huge reason why hundreds of wrestlers and fighters all over the world have transformed into champions.  This program is very unique and works on your strength, power and speed at the same time.  It was formerly available only to my members at Wrestling Performance.  ($20 value)


30 Exercises for Youth Wrestlers!


This is a collection of 30 exercises that you can use to successfully complete any youth wrestling program.  These exercises help a younger wrestler develop overall coordination and body awareness.  Each exercise is body weight only and can be used any time with any age wrestler. ($25 value)


Never Get Pinned Workout!


This is a strength training program I designed for wrestlers with simple equipment.  It helps develop the ability to fight off your back and “never get pinned.”  It’s a strength training system that compliments the drills you do in wrestling practice.  Great for any age wrestler and any ability.  Can also be done at home!  ($30 value)


Big Book of Wrestling Workouts!


This is a collection of workouts that I’ve created over the years for wrestlers of all ages and ability levels.  It will help keep you sharp and focused by never getting bored with your training.  These workouts are some of the best from my Wrestling Performance members only website.  Not to be missed.  ($20 value)


Bigger Bench Press Training Program!


This is the definitive guide to adding 40 lbs to your maximum bench press in 60 days.  The bench press is one of the best upper body strength builders for wrestlers.  By strengthening your bench press you will help develop the upper body power needed to finish takedowns.  ($30 value)


Ken Chertow Interview!


I did a phone interview with Olympian Ken Chertow. Ken is ‘the man’ when it comes to training young wrestlers and turning them into Champions. He has camps all across the country. Ken reveals his favorite Exercises for wrestling training that you can use as well.  ($30 value)


Gene Mills Interview!


I had the pleasure of interviewing Olympian Gene Mills. Gene has been known as the Pinning Machine. He gives really practical technique and training tips to improve your wrestling. He’s a great guy with a wealth of knowledge that he shared with me. A must-hear interview for you. ($30 value)


The Wrestling Nutrition Blueprint!


Finally… An all-in-one nutrition resource for wrestlers.  This is the most up-to-date, cutting-edge nutrition information for wrestlers.  Complete, done-for-you meal plans for each of the high school weight classes are included.  Discover the TRUTH about wrestling nutrition and gain strength, energy and conditioning like never before.  This manual plus the bonus meal plans is worth your total investment in the Workouts for Wrestlers program.  ($97 value)


60 Days of UNLIMITED Email Coaching!


I want you to succeed… bottom line!  So I’m putting it out there as far as my time to ensure that you reach your goals.  You have 60 days of unlimited email coaching to answer your training and nutrition questions.  Let me help you cut out the wasted time and get you to a champion level of  wrestling fast!   ($150 value)


And today, you have the opportunity to get the entire 13-part, $270 package for less than the price of a one- hour personal training session with a trainer that still thinks that wrestlers should “lift weights like bodybuilders.” Heck, if you were to hire me personally to train you, it would cost $75/session.  At 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks it would total $900!  To be honest, I don’t even have the time for personal training/coaching these days.  Between online coaching, being a PE Specialist, and having a family, I don’t take on many clients. As you can see, the entire 13-part program is a real $270 value.  You also get OVER $400 in bonuses.  

$197 $97!

If you’re a wrestler, coach or parent you have 2 choices:

1.  OPTION 1: Continue doing what you’ve always done. If you are happy with your wrestling performance and win all of your matches, then I say “awesome, keep it up.”  If your old-school training program is getting you results, then don’t budge.  If you or your wrestlers are super-strong, and don’t have any weaknesses to work on, you have my sincere blessing…

BUT… if the first option isn’t you, try this:

2. OPTION 2:  You can start adding Specialization Training into your normal wrestling training regimen.  You’ll quickly blast through your sticking points and build your wrestling weaknesses into strengths.  Even if you don’t have any weaknesses on the mat, your specialization training will super-charge your mat performances.

If you are resistant to change, then this isn’t for you.  If you like to keep things the way they’ve always been then I’m not here to change your mind…

But if you’d rather

  • Gain tons of wrestling-specific strength
  • Develop blazing fast take down speed
  • Build power to dominate your opponents
  • Become a force against your opponents take down attempts
  • Increase the number of matches you win by pin
  • Develop a grip of steel
  • Become impossible to hold down by your opponents
  • Increase your strength without gaining weight

Then honestly, this seems to be the best decision you can make for your wrestling this season. Wouldn’t you agree?

$197 $97

And here’s the craziest part… If these workouts don’t work for you just like I’m promising they will – it costs you nothing.

60 Day Workouts for Wrestlers Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t experience fast improvements in your wrestling performance… compared to your previous results… Or if you’re not 100% happy with the system… Just ask for a refund within 60 days and get every penny back… No questions asked!We’re so sure the Workouts for Wrestlers program will work for you, we’re taking all the risk.  So… push the Add to Cart button and get started on the best wrestling performances of your life!

I’m confident that my training programs work… and work well.  If you try these programs out as outlined and don’t experience significant improvements in your wrestling performance, it’s all yours FREE forever!  Fair enough?

If you follow any of the 28 day Workout for Wrestlers Specialization Programs exactly as outlined in the course, and do NOT tremendously improve your mat performance, just shoot me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund every red cent you invested.

Frankly, there’s really no reason not to order because all the risk is mine.

$197 $97

I’m super pumped to hear about your wrestling success, in the next 28 days from now.  I look forward to hearing of your success.

Yours in victory,

Steve Preston MSed, Sports Performance Specialist, PE Specialist, Contributor to Wrestling USA Magazine

P.S.  There is absolutely no way you can lose – except by not letting the Workouts for Wrestlers program work for you.  I’m giving you a 60 day risk-free guarantee to transform your wrestling skills through cutting-edge, specialization training.  Dozens of wrestlers and coaches have already used these programs with success and confirmed that my programs work.  Not it’s your turn to join me RISK-FREE today.

P.P.S.  Got a question?  I’ve got answers!

Q: What exactly is the Workouts for Wrestlers Program and how does it work so fast?

The Workouts for Wrestlers program is actually 12 13 different “specialization” programs for wrestlers.  They are strength training programs that are each 4 weeks long (12 total workouts) that are geared to help you specialize on any of your wrestling weaknesses to quickly turn them into strengths… and in turn, win more matches!

Q:  How is this program different from your original Ultimate Wrestling Strength program?

My original Ultimate Wrestling Strength program still remains the world’s #1 program for wrestlers.  It is based on using an Offseason, Preseason and Inseason approach to strength and conditioning.  The Workouts for Wrestlers program is actually 13 mini-programs for those wrestlers and coaches that really want to specialize in their wrestling training and turn it up a notch.  Honestly, I like them in both equally well!

Q:  How did you discover the power of Specialization Training for Wrestlers?  I’ve worked with young athletes for over 20 years as a coach, trainer and teacher.  I’ve realized that many young wrestlers don’t have the physical strength to match their skills.  In other words, they can’t wrestle at their best because they are limited in their overall strength, speed and power.  I had a few wrestling dad’s who wanted to know if I could get their Sons into shape fast… because we only had a month.  It dawned on me that these wrestlers had the same amount of time to get strong and in shape but they had different weaknesses.  One of the kids could never hold on to an ankle after he shot in for a takedown… so I tweaked his program to key on his grip strength.  The other kid always got shot in on by his opponents, so I tweaked his program to improve his foot speed and takedown defense.  Their programs were individualized to level out their weaknesses.  It worked so well I began gathering all of the specialization workouts I had created over the years… and make them available for all.  Hence, Workouts for Wrestlers was born.

$197 $97

Q:  How do I know which of the programs to use?  If you have a distinct weakness in your wrestling technique that you need to work on, then use the program most closely suited towards it.  If you’re not sure, just use the one that seems most-appealing.  The cool thing is that every one of the programs will get you overall wrestling strength while it’s specializing on one area of weakness.  You can try any of them out… or all of them.  They all work, and they all work for any wrestler.  The only rule is that you shouldn’t perform the same workout for more than 4 weeks at a time.  You can perform a certain workout for 4 weeks, switch to a different workout… and then come back to the original workout if you choose.

Q:  Is the Workouts for Wrestlers training programs meant for Inseason or Offseason?   No matter what sport you’re in, the Inseason is not usually the best time to experiment with new training programs.  The inseason training should usually keep you just strong enough to get through the season with maximal performances and minimize injuries.

HOWEVER, the Workouts for Wrestlers 4 week programs can be used any time of year.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you may want to cut back to only 2 workouts per week instead of 3.  This works really well, and still allows you to focus on your season while improving your weaknesses.

Q:  Do I need a gym membership or fancy equipment to do the Workouts for Wrestlers programs?  In short, no.  I created these programs so that guys with minimal equipment can perform them.  I think a basic setup with barbell, dumbbells, medicine ball, swiss ball, chin bar, dip bar are essential.  There are a few extra exercises that may need to be substituted for if you train at home.  For instance, I love the Glute/Ham Raise exercise.  If you have access to a Glute/Ham machine that would be awesome.  If you don’t, that’s ok too.  You can always substitute exercises.  If you have questions, you can always send me an email:)

Q:  I’m a coach and I have elementary, middle, and high school aged wrestlers.  Can they all do this program?  As with any strength and conditioning program, they work better as a wrestler matures.  The elementary aged wrestlers can definitely do the program, just with light load.  Their goal is to go through the motions and have some fun.  It gets more involved as the wrestler get into middle and high school.  I’ve designed these programs to use mostly closed-chain exercises which are safer and less-shearing on the joints.  This allows young guys to work hard without fear of hurting their joints and growth.

Q:  What if I have an injury and can’t do certain exercises?   Trust me, I understand.  One of the reasons I’ve gotten very involved in creating specialization programs for wrestlers is because of my own needs for modified training systems.  I’ve had to do this for years.  If you can’t perform a certain exercise and aren’t sure how to substitute it, just ask me.  I’m here to help:)

$197 $97

NOTE: Workouts for Wrestlers is a completely downloadable series of e-manuals.  No physical products will be shipped.  After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer (no waiting or shipping costs!) The format for all e-manual workouts is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.